Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Four Stages of a Painting.

I have just finished a painting of a pier in New York. Here are some of the stages it went through during the last month:

1. Panels are cut and under-paint color is applied.
2. Fragments of posters taken off the street are applied to the panels.
Then the basic structure of the painting is established with acrylic paint.

3. One narrow panel is discarded for compositional reasons.
The three remaining narrow panels are fixed together with a backing frame.
The painting now consists of two pieces, each 48" x 36".
Pier posts are added and the left panel is developed with acrylic paint.
NY Pier #2. 48" x 72" (diptych). Mixed media on wood panels.
4. The painting is developed in oils. Subtle lettering in the warehouse modules on the right panel (hard to see in this photo) come from an old "Carnation Milk" sign. Bands of paint to suggest water are applied with the edge of a piece of wood. Remains of old posts are added to the bottom right corner.
This painting is headed for a group show in New York which opens on April 7th. Watch this space!