Friday, April 15, 2016

Homage to 1890 Bryant St.

This weekend I will be opening my studio to the public as part of the Mission–wide Open Studios event.
I’m lucky enough to have a space at 1890 Bryant St. which many consider to be the jewel in the crown of San Francisco’s artist community. Over the last eight years, as my work has developed, the neighborhood and the building have changed too.  This corner of the Mission district now accommodates Heath Ceramics, fashion designers, small businesses, and a host of new restaurants and bars; while the building, though still scruffy on the outside, now boasts elevators and a complete new top floor of artist studios with fabulous views of the city.

During the building’s painfully slow metamorphosis its tenants had to put up with working in what was essentially a building site. Dust, noise, piles of building materials, asphalt-stained water pouring through ceilings, no elevators - all part of our daily life. It was hard and many of us grumbled.

But for me there was a good side to all of this. I love building materials and holes in walls and I get excited about spaces in a state of change - scars left behind hinting at things ripped out. I started to go into the building on Sundays and sketch quiet corners which seemed to be taking a breath between the noise and chaos of weekdays.

At my Open Studio this weekend I’ll be showing sketches and paintings of 1890 Bryant in 1890 Bryant - the building which allowed me to start my life as a full-time painter. There’s a good feeling there.

Open Studio
April 16th & 17th
12.00 – 6.00pm

1890 Bryant St. @ Mariposa
Studio # 204
San Francisco, CA