Monday, August 18, 2014

One Week in my Art World....

Sunday: Opening Reception - "Revealing the Landscape". Saint Mary's College Art Museum.

Monday: In my studio. Working on a layout for a future painting (diptych) of the loading bays at 1890 Bryant.

Tuesday: Heard from my local art dealer that she will be showing my work at the Art Silicon Valley art fair in October. I now have to create a large pier piece for the show. 

Wednesday: Took a bike ride. Not art I know, but re-charging my creative batteries.

Pier 28 Reflections. 12" x 60". Oil and mixed media on wood panel.
Thursday: Finished my painting for the City Streets show at Studio Gallery which opens on September 4th.

Friday: Received my Art For Aids auction catalog in the mail. I knew my piece was in the Live Auction section but look's on the front cover too!

Saturday: Spent most of the day soaking and separating large posters in a pool I created in my garage (there is no floor drain in my studio). The posters were "acquired" this summer by my friend Diane on her travels through Europe.

Sunday: First day of a two-day trace-monotype class. I drew from a sketch I did in 2012 of boat-building in Essaouira, Morocco.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Revealing the Landscape

Saint Mary's College Museum of Art will be presenting their show 
featuring twenty seven local artists, in their lovely gallery on campus in Moraga, CA. 
I am very excited to have four paintings in the show and am impressed by the curator's interpretation of the word "landscape" to include the urban scenes for which I am known.

Opening Reception:
Sunday August 10th
2.00 - 4.30

July Reflections

Pier Reflections with Lilac. 12" x 60". 

Pier 1 Reflections. 12" x 60".

My studio work for the month of July has been all about reflections of pier structures - I have completed six paintings of different sizes and formats. 

Reflections - Fort Mason # 2
36" x 30"
All of the paintings began with a collage of street posters. In the past, when I have painted over the collage, I have left only small glimpses of color and text showing to enliven the painting and offer unexpected discoveries to the persistent  viewer. With some of these new paintings I have allowed larger areas of poster to remain uncovered as the water effect breaks up. I'm enjoying the play between the two layers of imagery which pulls the viewing focus back and forth and reminds the viewer that it is, after all, just paper and paint.

Reflections with Raft. 48" x 36".

Reflections with Barrels. 30" x 24".

Reflections - Under the Pier. 40" x 18"