Friday, August 1, 2014

July Reflections

Pier Reflections with Lilac. 12" x 60". 

Pier 1 Reflections. 12" x 60".

My studio work for the month of July has been all about reflections of pier structures - I have completed six paintings of different sizes and formats. 

Reflections - Fort Mason # 2
36" x 30"
All of the paintings began with a collage of street posters. In the past, when I have painted over the collage, I have left only small glimpses of color and text showing to enliven the painting and offer unexpected discoveries to the persistent  viewer. With some of these new paintings I have allowed larger areas of poster to remain uncovered as the water effect breaks up. I'm enjoying the play between the two layers of imagery which pulls the viewing focus back and forth and reminds the viewer that it is, after all, just paper and paint.

Reflections with Raft. 48" x 36".

Reflections with Barrels. 30" x 24".

Reflections - Under the Pier. 40" x 18"




  1. I love seeing the posters shine through the water!

  2. I was really struck by how the addition of the raft gave added depth of field to the piers when done in a vertical. the reflections in barrels and under the pier took it even farther. How tall and narrow will you go? - Rod

    PS Off to Mexico to look for posters.