Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New York Show

Prince @ Broadway (detail). 36" x 48". Oil and mixed media on wood panel
Above Manhattan

If you are in New York this month and would like to see my new work I will be taking part in a three-person show at Stricoff Fine Art in Chelsea.

May 7th - 19th

Stricoff Fine Art
564 W 25th St. New York, NY 10001

Opening Reception: Thursday May 7th. 6-8pm

This new body of work explores the rooftops of Manhattan.  Mackey has made use of Google Earth to explore the city, looking for perfect compositional combinations of form and shadow - a keen eye and careful cropping reveal a luxury of potential abstract paintings.

This work is a continuation of Mackey’s interest in the color and texture found in the urban environment, as presented at her solo show “Patterns in the City” in New York in 2013 (Stricoff Fine Art). Only this time, instead of using her work to remind the viewer of the beauty of things seen every day, she is showing us what remains mostly unseen above street level.

Mackey’s creative process always involves the build-up of several layers of paint and collage before the final image is allowed to emerge. In this new body of work every painting contains fragments of posters appropriated from the streets of Manhattan within the last twelve months.

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