Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bicycle Jigsaw Puzzle

After an absence of approximately thirty years I have re-entered the world of doing jigsaw puzzles!

As some of you already know one of my bicycle paintings was turned into a puzzle by Heye - a German puzzle manufacturer. I recently received my free sample and decided to test the product. I had no idea that it would take over my whole weekend! Every time I tried to leave (go to bed, do chores, buy groceries etc.) I spotted "just one more" piece that I could place and an hour later found myself still at the table. It was fun, addictive, and absorbing. But all my friends out there: no puzzles for future presents - I have a life to run!

Here are some progress shots of my exciting weekend (the tulips in the background offer a sense of time elapsed):

As yet the puzzle is not available on Amazon but can be purchased from puzzle distributors and stores.
For those of you in Europe it is available from Heye.
In the US it can be ordered from Puzzle Warehouse.

Anyone who would like to have their puzzle box signed by me should bring it to my Spring Open Studio on April 26th and 27th.



  1. There were two other paws used in the finishing of this puzzle.

  2. How exciting. I saw a box wrapped in brown paper on the front porch with handwriting that I immediately recognized as "an architect's". I didn't recognize your new address so I shook the box and I knew it was the puzzle. Thank you so much and I can't wait to put it together!!!

  3. This is so great! Love biking and LOVE art...especially yours. Just found it from Mae Chevrette.