Friday, September 6, 2013

Tahoe Pier Commission

I recently completed a small but surprisingly difficult commission painting for a client who lives in Tahoe and who wanted  a painting of one of the piers in the lake.

I have painted MANY pier paintings in the last few years. My works have always explored either the relationship between the posts and the industrial architecture above, or the deep shadows between the water and the decaying, salt-stained posts. The piers in Tahoe have neither industrial buildings nor dark shadows. They are generally light, clean and well maintained. To add to the challenge, my client needed a vertical painting.

On exploring the North shore I was relieved to find a pier with a wood shingle hut at the end, and some strong shadow in the afternoon light. I had my subject!

Here's what happened:

Sketches and photographs on site.
Back in my studio - collage is applied to a painted wood panel.
The client is half French so I selected some posters recently
brought back from France for me by a friend.

The painting takes shape - detail.

Tahoe Pier. 42" x 24". Mixed media and oil on wood panel.


  1. Gorgeous. I will be up to North shore in a week...this is a great reminder.