Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Morocco Paintings

It's more than two months since I returned fom my trip to Morocco and I'm still being inspired by the things I saw there, particularly in the ancient city of Fes. Here are more of my latest paintings:

Blossom (Fes) 31" x 96"
Collage and oil on wood panels.
The buildings in and around the city were covered with satellite dishes.

Fes Tanneries No 1   36" x 36"
Mixed media and oil on panel.
The tanneries are in the North West corner of the medina.

Dye Vats No 1  36" x 36"
Collage and oil on panel.
White stucco pits where the animal hides are stripped and
softened with a mix of pigeon poo and cow urine.

Dye Vats No 2  33" x 36"
Oil on panel.
Red brick circular vats, some tiled, hold the colored dyes
where the hides will be soaked for days. Each vat is about
six feet in diameter and at least four feet deep.

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