Monday, April 30, 2012

New Work in New York Show

If you happen to be in Manhattan in the next couple of weeks....

Pier Posts with Flowers. 35" x 36". Mixed media and oil on wood panel.

I have once again been exploring the pier buildings around San Francisco. For this show I have shifted my gaze downwards to the structures which hold them over the water. The decaying wooden posts, with their stains and salt lines acquired from years of being exposed to the tides and the elements, suggest a beautiful yet worrying frailty. It is only when we peer deeper into the shadows beneath the piers that we are reassured by the concrete sub-structure which is now holding these buildings up. The stark repetition of the posts against areas of dense shadow is softened by the water passing between and outwards, offering reflections and hints of color from the unseen structure above.   

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