Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New York Painting in New York Gallery

NY Pier No 2. 48" x 72".
Stricoff Gallery. 564 W 25th Street, NY.
I was in New York a few weeks ago to spend time with one of my sisters and a friend. One morning, despite the extremely hot weather, we braved the streets and hit the High Line – part two had just opened. There’s not much shade on part two just yet as the trees are mere saplings, so half-way down the line we decided to descend to street level for a break and some shade. We headed for the gallery on West 25th St. which represents my work. As we approached we realized that one of my larger pieces was hanging in the window at street level and it looked really good! The painting depicts an old New York Pier which is located on the Hudson River just around the corner from the gallery.

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