Monday, June 13, 2011

Val's artwork

A friend in of mine in Nottingham, England creates beautiful art pieces out of found and salvaged “bric a brac”. She uses everything from lace trim, sequins and buttons to packing materials and the foil from chocolate bars. Her work is often inspired by European religious icons and is based in sewing and fabrics.
Unfortunately she does not exhibit her work and it is not seen by many people. I get lucky every Christmas and birthday when a wonderful gift arrives for me in the mail.

I thought I’d share these recent acquisitions with you:

Birthday card. 7" x 6".
Fabric, sequins, buttons etc. sewn onto card.

Christmas card. 9.5" x 8".
Fabric, foil, buttons, photos, lace and crucifix
sewn onto silver padded packing material.

Fabric photo album. 7" x 6".
Front cover: Foil, beads, medals, and color
copy of British postage stamp commemorating
 the late Queen Mother.

Thank you Val!

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