Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Mexico Sketches

Here are a few more sketches from my Mexico trip. The drawing above was done in Merida in front of the Cathedral on the main square. There was a festival to celebrate the spring solstice and I found a quiet spot behind some food stalls where I could sketch undisturbed. My friend Diane drew the same stalls from the front and had a crowd around her for most of the time - it didn't seem to bother her as she did a great drawing!
This is a scene from the municipal market in Merida on a Saturday morning. I loved the juxtaposition of the pots and pans with the Virgin Mary. The stall just to the left of this scene fixed religious statues. You could get your broken statue glued back together and repainted. And if you had lost some pieces they had plenty of spare wings, angel heads, hands etc. The woman who ran the stall gave Diane and I stools to sit on while we drew. Everyone was SO nice!

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