Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's getting warm!

The rain this week has brought slightly warmer temperatures in my studio. I'm pleased to announce that today my thermometer got up to 60 degrees F (15 C for my UK followers). I celebrated by not wearing my sheepskin hat or long underwear. Yippee!


  1. does this mean you won't have icicles when it starts
    raining this weekend!?

  2. As I write this I'm wearing longjohns under sweatpants with a long sleeve jersey, sweatshirt and hooded outdoor sweatshirt on top of that in our home which is 59 degrees. 25 or sout outside. If we put the temperature much higher we'll have another $360 heating bill, so we instead bundle up. That said, we do have a wood burning furnace in the basement. Our chimney sweep is coming by next Wed to make some repairs and remove some creosote. While we have used it, we're holding off because it neededsome work. Once finished, we will be able to get temperatures into the low 70s every winter. And for the first time in about 17 years, I'll be warm. About 3 weeks ago, we actually had the temp in the house at 81. So we are anxiously awaiting the repair and being able to restore some degree of comfort. On the downside, the wood burner puts out dry heat. We have bowls of water in front of every register to avoid desiccating. I'd rather die a warm prune than an a cold plum.

    Great hearing from you.