Monday, December 28, 2009

Urban Bicycles

When I go on my walks around the Mission district looking for "street stuff" to include in my paintings I notice how many bikes there are everywhere - tied to posts, parking meters, grilles and benches. So numerous that we stop seeing them. They are such an important part of the urban landscape that I should put more of them into the "urban patchwork" paintings I'm working on. To that end I have decided to spend some time drawing bicycles in my studio. It's hard - much harder than drawing the figure. All those funny brackets, cables and gear components. And wheels at an angle - aagh!
Here are a couple of the sketches I did today.


  1. those are excellent - I don't see many excellent bicycle drawings for exactly the reason you state, it seems most people solve the problem by just making things stylized and not drawing everything. Then it seems the "fixie" crowd has obliged by making all their hipster fixie bikes stylized in reality with no extra parts to draw :)

    Cheers Catherine