Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sausalito Houseboats

I went to the Headlands Center for the Arts on Sunday where the studios of the resident and affiliate artists were open to the public. I love going there - the light, the hills, the view of Rodeo Beach, and of course - the art. I had an interesting afternoon and felt the need to create some art of my own so on the way home I went into Sausalito to sketch some of the houseboats.


  1. How fun! It reminds me of that time we were biking around Sausalito (do you remember that?) I've always loved how rickety and funky those houseboats looked. I'd love to see more of these sketches.

  2. Beautiful! I was just driving by these on my way from Santa Rosa to Santa Clara this weekend. The weather was a bit funky, bluish/gray and looked a lot like your sketches.