Monday, December 19, 2011

Bicycle Drawings at Pegasus

Framed bicycle drawings at Pegasus Bicycle Works, Danville, CA.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to place some of my bicycle drawings in a seriously cool bicycle store in Danville, CA. It was fun to squeeze framed pieces in between the latest model road bikes which were hanging on the wall. It's a dynamic space and all the action energizes the drawings. Much better than a white-walled gallery!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Works on Paper

Pier No 1. 17.5" x 11". Mixed media on paper.

Pier No 2. 17.5" x 11". Mixed media on paper.

Pier No 3. 17.5" x 11".  Mixed media on paper.

Pier No 4. 17.5" x 11". Mixed media on paper.

Still on the theme of Piers I have recently been working on some smaller pieces on paper.

I am exploring the idea of using screen printing on my paintings and recently made a small screen depicting pier posts from one of my drawings. I applied the screen over collages created with fragments of street posters. I then developed the pier building and the water using acrylic paint, graphite and colored pencils.

After working on large paintings for the last six months I really enjoyed working at this intimate scale.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Development of a Pier Painting

Pier Posts (diptych). 36" x 94". Mixed media and oil on wood panels.
I've just finished the first painting of a group destined for a show in New York in the spring. The finished piece is shown above. The stages of development are shown below:

1 - Text and posters applied to two 36" x 48" panels.
2 - Pier structure added, allowing text to show through in some areas.