Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nargilehs - Istanbul

From my recent travels:

Narghile, Nargile, or Nargileh n. another name for hookah.(C19: from French narguile, from Persian nargileh a pipe having a bowl made of coconut shell, from nargil coconut).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drawing Animal Woman

Animal Woman No 1. 14" x 11"

I spent my evening yesterday drawing at the monthly Dr Sketchy's event in San Francisco: great music and lots of artists. One of my friends was modeling as “Animal Woman” and had made some great costumes for the evening.

Animal Woman No 2.
14" x 11"
Animal Woman No 3.
14" x 11"

Drawing: instant gratification and a lot of fun - what's not to like?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting back to the studio....

St Pancras Hotel, London.

Istanbul, Turkey.

I haven’t posted since my Open Studios in early October.
After I closed my studio doors on the evening of Sunday 3rd October I went home to pack and the next day I flew to the UK to attend a family event.

Tate Modern - back wall exposed during construction for new addition.

I was away for most of the month. In between visiting family and friends I saw some great art and great buildings. I also squeezed in a four-day trip to Istanbul where I saw more great art and great buildings!

Warehouse on River Trent - Nottingham, England.

Tacita Dean - Film installation.
Tate Modern
 I’ve been back in my studio for a couple of weeks now and, as is usual after a long break, have been finding it hard to know where to begin. (I am taking part in a two- person show in New York in the spring and have a large body of work to do between now and then.)

Aya Sofya. Istanbul.
I need a kick start to get the energy going in my studio and I’ve just got it – I’ve been asked to do a large Pier painting for next February’s Marin Showcase Home in Belvedere,CA. I’m working on it already and am having fun again!