Sunday, January 30, 2011

Newest Pier Modules

Pier Module #5. 36" x 18"
Pier Module #4. 36" x 18"

Pier Modules #'s 4-7.
I've just completed four more of my Pier Modules. Although they all have the same architectural proportions - based on Pier 26 in San Francisco - they are very different in their texture, details and colors. For the water area the oil paint is applied with the edge of a piece of wood. This process is time consuming but gives a great impression of reflections on water, creating a physical ripple effect which catches the light and adds great textural highlights.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pier Modules

Pier Module #1 36" x 18"
Pier Module #2 36" x 18"

Pier Module #3 36" x 18"
I've recently completed several paintings which explore the repetition of the architectural module seen in old piers around San Francisco. While these paintings are very well received they can often be too long for the average residential wall. The last one I completed (and sold) was 12'.6" long!
I'm now working on a collection of smaller works, each of which shows just one of the modules. The paintings have the same architectural dimensions and proportions but use a unique underpainting and colorway. They can be hung alone or placed together to create a sense of the architectural repetition and the fragmentation so often found in the urban environment.
Here are three of the twelve I am currently working on.