Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dad's Army

I’ve completed ten works on paper based on the concrete and wood fragments I discovered at the old Mare Island Naval Base.
Because of the slightly ramshackle military bearing of these pieces I have named them after the characters in an old British sitcom called Dad’s Army which is about the Home Guard in an English coastal town during the Second World War.

Private Godfrey
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Captain Mainwaring  
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Lance Corporal Jones
16" x 12"  Mixed media on paper

Private Frazer
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Private Pike
16" x 12"  Mixed media on paper.

ARP Hodges
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Sergeant Wilson
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Mrs Pike
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Private Walker
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Reverend Farthing
16" x 12" Mixed media on paper.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

San Francisco Fine Art Fair

I’m excited to announce that some of my paintings will be shown at the SF Fine Art Fair at Fort Mason in San Francisco May 20th – 22nd. My local broker Stephanie will be representing me and several other artists at booth 20.

The venue seems appropriate – Festival Pavilion is a beautiful old pier which I have painted several times over the last few years. Also my paintings on display are inspired by another old pier in San Francisco – Pier 26 by the base of the Bay Bridge.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pier Fragment # 22

Pier Fragment #22. Mixed media on paper. 16" x 12"
I’m now working at a slightly larger scale, using fragments of old posters to create a collage onto which I am painting and drawing the Pier Fragments. Here is Pier Fragment #22.

I still haven’t named them yet but I’m starting to think that they are chess pieces.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More Pier Fragments...

Drawing table in my studio.
I’m loving drawing in my studio! I’ve made one big table in the middle of the space and am spreading out with my pencil crayons, scraps of paper, and glue.
I’ve been working on my Pier Fragment characters – I have twelve now. I haven’t named them yet. Here are a few more:

Pier Fragments 6, 2, 23 & 5. Pencil crayon and graphite on paper.
I’m starting to do larger pieces with collage and paint on paper. This is fun!