Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicken Soup Anyone?

Caldo de Gallina # 1. 20" x 20". Mixed media on wood panel.
Caldo de Gallina # 2. 20" x 20". Mixed media on wood panel.
One one of my past walks through the Mission district I came across a hand-painted sign advertizing Caldo de Gallina (chicken soup). A couple of weeks ago I found my drawings of that sign and decided it was time to paint a chicken. Sometimes you just have to! So here are the two small paintings which resulted.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bicycle Link Upgrade

Globe painting # 1. 24" x 34". Mixed media on wood panels.

Improvements have just been made to the link to my bicycle works so it's now much easier to navigate and see the prices. Check it out again:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mexican Patchworks

Merida # 2. 36" x 36". Mixed media on wood panel.

Merida # 1. 24" x 54". Mixed media on wood panel.

So far two patchwork paintings have emerged from my collection of images of my trip to Mexico. Each one includes signwriting found on buildings, bits of posters "appropriated" from the streets, and a re-creation of a typical stucco design I saw everywhere - usually in Pink. Each painting is made up of 4 seperate images on wood panels fixed together with a backing frame. I had a lot of fun putting these together and making them work as larger pieces.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bicycle Works Available

All the bicycle pieces I did earlier this year (drawings and paintings) can now be seen at:
Availability, sizes and prices are included. Drawing prices range from $50 - $200. Paintings from $425-$1050. Please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing a piece.
The image above is: "Limited # 5"; charcoal on paper; 18" x 13"; $200

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What we will do for the right photo.....

There is a wonderful old steel factory in San Francisco on the East end of 22nd Street almost as it hits the bay. It sits on land which is part of the future Pier 70 re-development plan and is probably slated for demolition. As some of you will know I love abandoned industrial-scale interiors and have painted many in the past.
The only way I could get a photo of the interior was to climb onto a ledge and hold my camera at the broken window. My friend (and partner-in-crime) Diane took this photo - I never even noticed the sign I was standing against!